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  • 379th AEW SAPR bolsters the Teal Rep corps
    One of the most predominant issues that is a constant struggle to mitigate in the military is sexual assault. Fortunately, the Air Force has its own Sexual Assault Prevention and Response units across the force that work hard to inform and assist those affected by the devastating events.
  • Permission and space to do nothing
    Find your space to breathe and do nothing. It's good for you as well as for the mission.
  • Statement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III observing National Veterans and Military Families Month
    The frequent moves, the multiple deployments, the strain and the stress over the last twenty years of war -- my family and all of yours have borne it with grace and resilience. But it goes beyond that, of course. They don’t just bear the hardships; our families make us a stronger force, a healthier force.
  • Find time for blessings in your life
    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio - As the holiday season approaches, I am reminded it’s that
  • Team Fairchild SAPR provides new virtual reality training for Airmen
    Team Fairchild’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response unit implemented a new virtual reality training to continue to prepare Airmen in recognizing and assisting victims of sexual assault. The SAPR VR training comes from Air Mobility Command, and is designed to provide Airmen a hands-on experience with a situation they may have never been exposed to.
86th Airlift Wing Command Team gives a message about Suicide Awareness Month and the key factors to identify and help those in need.
Everyone feels stress. Sometimes, though, even everyday challenges may seem overwhelming. But you are not alone. As an Air and Space Professional, you are surrounded by people who care, and there is always someone who wants to listen. For those of...
How do you care? Giving your time and attention to truly listen to family members, friends and teammates is one of the best ways to show how much you care.
Being able to recognize an invisible wound could save a life. This video introduces the signs of invisible wounds that an Airman may see in others and the symptoms they may see in themselves.