For the last five years, suicide has been the leading cause of death among our Airmen. This internal threat to our Total Force is often silent, hiding among our formations, endangering the lives of our Airmen and their families. The Air Force is facing an internal threat that knows no boundaries. It is not limited to relationship status, rank, profession, gender or race. This is "command team business" and requires engagement of all Airmen. This Resilience Tactical Pause is not just a single day event, it is a culture change that needs to take effect in the hearts and minds of the Total Force, among our Leadership and our peers, to become more engaged, more connected and open to breaking the barriers and stigmas attached to help-seeking. Operation THURSDAY is named in honor of the late Lt. Col. Richard “Dick” Cole, who died at the age of 103 in April 2019.  He was the last of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders and was instrumental in World War II's Operation THURSDAY, acknowledged as the first allied air invasion in military history.  

Operation Thursday

A remembering photo of Lt. Col. Richard Cole, The Last of the Doolittle Raiders

Not only was Lt. Col.Dick Cole the last of the Doolittle Raiders, he was also instrumental in Operation THURSDAY, solving wicked problems to support the mission. Like Lt. Col. Cole, we are helping solve a dire issue together.

Operation THURSDAY
Courtesy of Hurlburt.af.mil

Operation THURSDAY began on March 5, 1944, when the first C-47 launched from India towing two overloaded gliders filled with Wingate's troops, equipment, and supplies. A total of 26 transports towing gliders comprised the first wave. The gliders, carrying from 1,000 to 2,000 pounds of excess weight, strained the C-47 tow planes and ropes and caused significant problems. With eight of the first wave of C-47s each losing a glider, Colonel Cochran decided to limit one glider to each remaining transport. This decision allowed the air commandos to successfully deliver Wingate's initial and succeeding forces to the jungle clearings over 200 miles behind Japanese lines in Burma.

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Peterson Resiliency Programs
21st Space Wing Public Affairs
Aug. 26, 2019 | 2:49
This video includes clips from the other videos in the series and ties them together with the 21st Space Wing commanders message on resiliency. The goal is to highlight not just the resiliency programs the Air Force offers, but the impact that these programs have on the individuals who use them.

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