Interpersonal and self-directed violence are serious issues that require comprehensive, seamless prevention, intervention and postvention responses from exceptional leaders to foster and promote resilience among the Total Force. Leaders should familiarize themselves with the available resiliency tools and resources to prevent and respond to crises. Additional information, activities and links below can also help promote connectedness among our Airmen and Guardians and their leaders. It's more important than ever to maintain meaningful connections - so as you adhere to current health guidelines on COVID-19, do continue to share stories, faith, philosophy and values with your teammates, and encourage them to do the same through video conferencing, social media and other means of personal communication.


If you have identified an airman that may be considering suicide, it’s important to Ask your Wingman directly about what’s going on. This will help you determine what needs to be done next. Ask about issues early rather than waiting for things to escalate to the point of crisis. Take all comments about suicide seriously. Be an active listener and let your Wingman tell you about their challenges. Although it can be awkward, it’s important to ask the tough questions about whether or not your Wingman is thinking about harming or killing himself. If the answer is yes, or if you even suspect that the answer is yes, don’t leave the person alone.

Care for your Wingman by calmly listening and expressing concern. Don’t be judgmental or promise secrecy. If your Wingman is having thoughts of suicide, you need to act. Remove anything he could use to hurt himself and immediately seek help.

The final step is to Escort your Wingman immediately to the nearest emergency room, Mental Health Clinic, chaplain, or primary care clinic, and contact the supervisor or chain of command. If a distressed Airman refuses help or you're not sure what to do, call your supervisor or 911 for help. Never leave an Airman who is having thoughts of suicide alone, even to go to the bathroom.

Ask Your


  • Have the courage to ask the question, but stay calm
  • Ask the question directly: Are you thinking of killing yourself? 
  • And, do you have access to a firearm?

Care For Your


  • Calmly control the situation; do not use force; be safe
  • Actively listen to show under­standing and produce relief
  • Remove any means that could be used for self-injury

Escort Your


  • Never leave your buddy alone

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