Interpersonal and self-directed violence are serious issues that require comprehensive, seamless prevention, intervention and postvention responses from exceptional leaders to foster and promote resilience among the Total Force. Leaders should familiarize themselves with the available resiliency tools and resources to prevent and respond to crises. Additional information, activities and links below can also help promote connectedness among our Air and Space Professionals and their leaders. It's more important than ever to maintain meaningful connections - so as you adhere to current health guidelines on COVID-19, do continue to share stories, faith, philosophy and values with your teammates, and encourage them to do the same through video conferencing, social media and other means of personal communication.

Training and Discussion Videos

Master Sgt. Lindsay Stamps-Clifford blamed herself following the death of her boyfriend by suicide.
Susan Starnes tells heartbreaking story of her Airman husband's suicide hoping to shed light on the taboo subject to help other families prevent such tragedies.
The Jordan family shares their grief and thoughts of their beloved Airman son and brother who died by suicide.
Resilience-training contractors are now available on the GSA schedule. Click here for information on how to order off the contract.