Feedback from the recent Resilience Tactical Pause tells us that Airmen want to see and hear from their leaders more often. In the information and links below, we are providing more tools and resources to keep the momentum going, including themes and ideas for you to consider while developing your touch points. In keeping with the Comprehensive Airman Fitness model that underpins RTP, we are focusing on the Spiritual Domain during this quarter. It’s no coincidence we are pushing forward during the holiday season as it is the perfect opportunity for you to reach out to every officer, enlisted and civilian teammate. Make meaningful connections, be yourself, and share your story of what makes you who you are - for example, your values, faith, beliefs or philosophies.  Encourage your teammates to do the same. The Resilience Tactical Pause is not just a single day event, it is a culture change that needs to take effect in the hearts and minds of the Total Force to become more engaged, more connected and open to breaking the barriers and stigmas attached to help-seeking.