Pursuing resiliency through local programs

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Cody Dowell
  • Altus Air Force Base Public Affairs
In an effort to get Airmen out and active, the Community Action Team is implementing the Passport to Resiliency Program for permanent party (active duty and reserve) members, starting March 1, 2019. The program awards members time off work for participating in base and community activities.

Each time a member attends a class or participates in an event, they earn a stamp in their passport booklet. When the member accrues 25 stamps, they receive a one-day pass; if they achieve 50 stamps, they earn a two-day pass. There is a limit on the number of times a member can complete certain events to encourage them to try different things to earn the stamps. The day pass must be authorized by the member’s commander and routed by the individual’s supervisor.

“The goal of this program is to help Airmen realize they are not alone and have resources to help them,” said Hargis. “We are trying to get people out of their homes and comfort zones to realize what this base and area can offer them.”

This is in an effort to incentivize Airmen to participate in base and community activities, especially the younger enlisted.

“Different forms of this program have been successful at others bases and the idea was brought up locally to the base,” said Hargis. “Since there is actual data showing an increase in participation numbers and morale, I am confident that this will happen here as well.”

The program is not solely focused on training and briefings, but also entertainment the base can provide.

“For many first-term or new Airmen, they are hesitant or unaware of the programs available to them,” said Hargis. “We are trying to make a way for Airmen to give themselves the best tools for meeting others and enjoying their time here.”

The program has a bonus system for bringing another person to certain events. Any Airman who brings a friend, co-worker, spouse or wingman can get an additional stamp in their booklet. The booklets are the owner’s responsibility to maintain and will have to show proof of stamps if lost. For non-base hosted programs, some proof of participation may be required.

For any questions about policies or participation of the Passport to Resiliency Program, contact the Community Support Coordinator at 580-481-5824.