We received thousands of responses from the Resilience Tactical Pause telling us that Airmen and Space Professionals want more time to connect and foster relationships with their leadership and colleagues. Here you'll find guidance and helpful tips for continuing the  RTP across the Department of the Air Force. 

Each quarter, the Small Group Discussion Guide focuses on one of the four pillars of Comprehensive Airman Fitness. Suggested topics are available each month which you can find here. Remember, these discussions are meant to promote connectedness, inclusion and respect. Listening is as important as sharing your thoughts with one another. 


Whether you wear a uniform or work as a civilian, we all face challenges that test our fortitude. That's where resilience comes in. It's not just a word - it is an important aspect of what makes us who we are as parents, as spouses, as friends, as colleagues. But just like vaccines that keep us from getting sick, our resiliency sometimes needs a booster shot.  


Tools for Discussion and Connection

AFMC Connect

AFMC Connect is an initiative to focus on building relationships. We are investing in our collective success by providing the time, tools, and resources to enhance personal and professional performance. AFMC Connect is a multi-faceted initiative integrating a shared message across the command, while giving time and autonomy back to squadrons. In order for this to work, leaders at every level must have active and sustained engagement with their people. AFMC Connect

Dragon Chat

Small core discussion groups that incorporate a way for all Airmen to connect with one another, support the Air Force mission, heritage, and our Core Values. The intent is to improve how well we get to know one another as individuals and team members. Get together with your military and civilian coworkers in small groups of 15 people or less, once a month, every month for an hour. Check out Dragon Chat.

Five Minutes to Thrive

Each new day seems to present us with opportunities to adapt and overcome various challenges placed on our paths. How we adapt to change in our lives is influenced by numerous internal and external factors, but recognizing that we have tools at our disposal can help us feel like purposeful actors and not merely bystanders in the change process. Check out the tips from Five Minutes to Thrive.

Mental Fitness Obstacle Course

Self-Awareness is a critical step in self-improvement. Not only identifying when you are under stress, but how you cope, and how you can improve for the future. How you respond in your environment has implications far beyond just yourself. When you raised your right hand and swore to defend the Constitution of the United States, you became a part of something bigger than yourself. You because a member of one of the greatest teams on earth and you owe it to your teammates to be the best version of yourself that you can be, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Mental Fitness Obstacle Course


PACEsetters are 1-2 page tools for use in developing yourself, as well as your fellow Airmen, in all aspects of professionalism. The tools range from recognition and resources to teamwork and relationship building. Some of the more popular ones to download include Case Studies in Character Development, Get to Know Your Airmen, 3 Slides, and Above and Beyond Cards. These tools are quick to implement ideas and solutions to everyday occurrences Airmen and leaders face throughout the Air Force. Pace Resources and Tools and Videos.

Quick Grips

Resilience Quick Grips are intended to help facilitate meaningful discussions among the Total Force. The 12 discussion topics are designed to reinforce and complement resilience skills and Air Force Core Values. Within each of the 12 PDFs below there are also various suggestions, images and videos that may only be accessed through Sharepoint with Air Force credentials. Enjoy the conversation and let us know how it goes! Find your Quick Grip Discussion tool here.

Team Talks

Team Talks is a program that is pre-designed to allow leaders to have facilitated, open, and transparent communications with their Airmen with little to no preparation. The prepared questions allow even the most introverted leader the ability to lead a discussion that promotes communication and understanding. Team Talks is a monthly conversation that could take one hour to explore a given topic. Team Talks provides quotes to break the ice, questions to explore and grow, helping agency contact information if needed, and optional additional information such as blog posts, articles, AFIs, books, and TedTalk/Youtube videos. Team Talks is provide in a word document that may be edited/tailored to your specific organization to better serve your organizational needs. Find out more about Team Talks

Who is Your Person?

This short, simple exercise proved deeply meaningful to team Vance for uniformed and civilian Air and Space Professionals. Regardless of rank or position, you have or will face tough times or encounter challenges and obstacles – but no one has to face them alone. So, perhaps we can all take a moment and follow Team Vance’s example and ask ourselves WHO IS YOUR PERSON?