*** You do not have to tell law enforcement or your commander about your sexual assault in order to receive care or assistance.

Top Things To Know

If you have been the victim of sexual assault...

1. Try to get to a safe and secure location away from the perpetrator.

2. Go to the nearest emergency room or call your local emergency number if you are in an emergency situation or need immediate medical attention. Request a sexual assault forensic exam (SAFE) to preserve forensic evidence.

3. If possible, do not shower, bathe, change clothes, brush your teeth, eat or drink anything or clean up where you were sexually assaulted. Seek medical attention even if you've already requested or received a forensic exam.  

4. Contact your local SARC for 24/7 support. To locate a SARC or VA near you, use this link: https://safehelpline.org/nearme

5. You always have the option of contacting law enforcement, however, a restricted report will no longer be an option once you disclose the sexual assault to law enforcement. 

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