Video Training Modules

You are your Airmen's greatest support.
These short training modules may help you assist one in crisis.

This program teaches participants to recognize the warning signs of distress, demonstrates how to respond and educates about protective factors that help prevent distress. Choose the Small Group version to watch and discuss with a group, or choose the Single User version to watch and digest at your own pace. Discussion points follow each video segment or the resource guide below the video player can be printed for reference later. This educational program uses a fictional story to help viewers recognize sources of distress and warning signs, understand different options for intervening and available resources, as well as help viewers appreciate the importance of being proactive and developing strong protective factors.

Individual Training


A training certificate is generated upon completion of the training. If you would like a training certificate with your name printed on it or if you have questions regarding this training, please email the AFPC Integrated Resilience Operations Training Team at


A blank version of the Resource Guide may be printed and filled out by hand. However, a certificate of training completion will only be generated through the online version.

Group Training

Family Suicide Prevention Training for Small Groups

Small Group Discussion Guide

Handout For Small Group Discussion Guide