Family Advocacy Program team teaches new course

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Tory Patterson
  • 7th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

Dennis Wright is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Dyess Air Force Base. In his office on the third floor of the 7th Medical Group building, his warm eyes peer out from behind eyeglasses.

He explains that this year, the Family Advocacy Program team has taught Positive Psychology to more than 400 Airmen with a 98% approval rating.

Family Advocacy Programs across the Air Force are well-known for their classes for families and parents. Typical course offerings include ‘Dad’s 101,’ ’Parenting Teens,’ and ‘Love and Logic.’ Additionally, FAP services include Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling.

But this year, Dyess Air Force Base’s Family Advocacy Program added a new training tool to combat a reality that every individual must face:  the continual presence of stress in life.

The new training tool is a course on Positive Psychology. Wright says the training’s purpose is to take stress management one step further than the foundations commonly considered, like maintaining physical and mental balance through exercise, nutrition, and relaxation techniques.

The Family Advocacy Program’s Positive Psychology course focuses on four primary areas involving gratitude, contentment, positive character traits, and acceptance of differing individual approaches to situations.

“At the end of these groups, many Airmen state that they have a better understanding of why they think the way they do and why others in their units might think and behave differently,” says Wright.

Dyess’ Family Advocacy Program team can support requests to teach classes to squadrons.

“We can teach classes that meet the specific needs of the organization, whether that is communication or stress management, says Wright. “We also partner with the Chapel and the Airmen and Family Readiness Center to make a broader spectrum available to Airmen.”

When asked about the most important thing people should know about the Family Advocacy Program, he replies without hesitation:  “We care about helping families and keeping families together.”

Keeping families together and organizations running smoothly starts at the individual level. Individual, couples, or groups, the Family Advocacy Program can help on the journey to better mental wellness and individual self-improvement.

The 7th Medical Group Family Advocacy Program can be reached at (325) 696-8344.